Mobile Accessories(Samsung,HUAWEI,HTC, …….)

Mobile Accessories(Cases):

Mobile Accessories, which are designed to attach to-support otherwise hold a mobile-phone, are popular accessory for many phone, particularly mainstream smart-phones. Case measures are based on the display inches.

There are different types:

• Pouch and sleeve
• Drop and shock protection
• Leather Cases

Holster are commonly used alone for device that include rubberized padding and are made of plastic and without exposed rigid corner. Heavy duty case are designed to protect from drop and scratch.

A Standing case improves user experience being specially recommended for multimedia videos and audio. Folio case is a combination case and stand, and may include a keyboard.
Customized phone cases use custom printing. Different companies have different method of printing on cases some utilize sublimation for printing on mobile-phone cases other method include inkjet printed skins and Dye-Sublimation 3D printing methods.
Some phone have a replaceable cover. A release button on the cover lets it pop off to be replaced with the new cell cover. These come in leather, vinyl, silicone, or hard plastic.
Functional cases can integrate an external battery/ a USB, Bluetooth/Wi Fi keyboard and touchpad mouse in a similar way to tablet.

Mobile Accessories(Mass storage):

Some smart-phones feature SD card slot (usually the smaller Micro-SD variant). These, in combination with a compatible SD card can be used to transfer file from one device to another or simply to increase the storage capacity of the phone.

Wi-Fi SD are Wi-Fi communication-devices on a special SD card inserted into the SD card slot. They can move picture to a local computer or an online photo sharing service.
Additionally, many devices have USB On The Go and support USB storages, in most case using either a special USB micro-B flash drive or an adapter for a standard USB port. Such adapters can also be used with various other USB devices, such as hardware mice and keyboards.

Mobile Accessories(Chargers and external batteries):

Cell-phone charger have gone through a diverse evolution that include cradles plug-in cord and obscure connectors. However more recent devices generally use micro USB.
External battery can be included in the case (power case). External batteries can include rubber suction.

Selfie stick:

Selfie sticks are used to take selfies.

HDMI and Projector

Micro USB to HDMI- cables are used in smart-phones with MHL.


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